by Brud


November 30 2019

WORM, Rotterdam


If you want to hear a drum, a trumpet, a trombone, cornetts, a recorder, flutes, pommers, shawms, a dolcian, racketts, sordrums, krummornos, violins, lyras, etc., you can have all these and many more unusual and charming things in this artful creation; so that, when you have and hear this instrument, you think not but that you have all the other instruments one amongst the other.—Michael Praetorius, Syntagma Musicum II (De Organographia), 1619

Rib, WORM, and BRUD are pleased to invite you to the grand finale of Radio JUJU. To paraphrase William Rankin, “Radio been understood using a wide variety of material metaphors—just in navigation and surveying, radio has been treated as a railroad, a yardstick, a street sign, a grid, even a kind of paint—but it can also be just as permanent, obdurate, and determinant as other, more familiar infrastructures.”

A strong leitmotif of early electronic music is the synthesiser-as-spaceship; the synth-as-steering-wheel, the stage-as-cockpit, and the musician-performer as pilot. The Buchla Music Easel Weasel, pictured here from Allen Strange’s“Programming and Meta-Programming in the Electro Organism” (1973) is emblematic.

There is a lot to unpack.

Volante, which may be translated as “flying”, or “steering wheel”, is the culmination of the diverse strands that BRUD and Aditya Mandayam have attempted to weave together in Radio JUJU: the human body as synthesiser; the collective voice; queer synthesis, and psychonautics.

Volante features JUJU's signature mix of pioneering sound artists, underground stars, and emerging collectives.s, including Michal Libera and Ryo Ikeshiro. BRUD, JUJU, MUTO, and RIB are thrilled that our beloved friend, Mexican underground legend Humildad Sound Sistema (Juan-Pablo Villegas) will perform live. Upon being presented the cassette as a creative tool, and quadraphony and ambisonics as a compositional system, many JUJUs responded with enthusiasm. Volante will showcase some of these tape co-productions, with the queer_feminist collectives Tender Center; Justyna Banaszczyk (FOQL) of ORAMICS; BARE-TT, and our host, WORM.

And finally, Ummo Guru shall introduce his latest finding, Dronepone.

Bring your friends, bring family.


by Brud