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Friday, March 29
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In keeping with Brud's continued excavation of the camera obscura, the app has two behaviours: in-camera, and ex-camera. Camera being Latin for Room. The app behaves differently inside (in-) vs. outside (ex-). The Black Box in your hand will act funny in a White Cube.
Radio Juju
Juju TV
Juju is a Modular Synthesiser. Juju is made of Homo Modulus. Jujus are touch sensitive, detect gestures, vocode, and have many Ins and Outs. Juju emanates Modular Folk.
Juju is curated by Aditya Mandayam
Benevolent Dictator, Brud
Juju lives in Rib
Katendrechtse Lagedijk 490B
3082 GJ Rotterdam
The Netherlands